Sunday, June 12, 2011


Welcome back to the Dixie Central!  Its been a long time, but we're back to work.  Tonight I reassembled the modules in the cleaned out garage (its finally warm again) and we'll start to work this week on construction.  The goal is to get it ready for track laying before it gets cold again.

 The wood changed shape after the move and storage, so we've got some work to do.  I also kicked around changing it to an HOn3 layout, but I already have all the buildings, locos and rolling stock, so I'm going to stay with it as it is.

 Plenty of room in the garage to work.  Let's hope my daughter doesn't whack it with a bicycle before I get the sections locked down.

Lighting is poor, but normally I work with the garage door open.  We'll just do heavy construction (foam, dividers, wood working) here and once it is ready for track, it will go to the workshop.

First, we need more foam!