Sunday, February 7, 2010

#001 02 Four Way Cotton Gin - Scratchbuilding Project

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I finally found the prototype for the cotton gin!  Someone gave me a really neat book called "From Abbeville to Zebulon: Early Post Card Views of Georgia".  Normally I'd have just shoved this one on the shelf.  But this book contains the best collection of structure and railroad pictures I've every seen for Southern modeling.  In its pages I've found a southern rail car manufacturing plant, the Hebard Cypress Saw Mill, and this fantastic cotton gin.  Yes, I'm building this one.  Notice the rail car on the right.

Here are a few more sent in by readers...

#1 Armstrong and Dobbs Cotton Gin on Oconee St., Athens ca. 1912-1918  Note railcar.

#2 "The Quitman Oil Co's Long and Short Cotton Binnery", Boston, Ga. Thomas County ca. 1897-1898. Note the ventilated railcar on the side.

#3 Arnold Mill Rd., north Fulton County 1920.  A new steam engine just installed to power mill.

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