Saturday, February 27, 2010

Idiots that Rate Hobby Shops

PLEASE NOTE: The article in question was pulled from the internet at 9:31 pm est. and is no longer an issue.   Mr. Truett's reply is in the comments section.  We appreciate his quick response on this matter.

I love the fact that anyone can prove they are stupid just by logging on to the web.  Take this latest Rocket Scientist...

The Top 10 Model Train Shops in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia by Larry Truett

It's obvious that he's not a model railroader because he missed the one of the largest model train stores in the Southeast!  How does Mr. Truett do-it?  Well, he says he bases his rankings on on-line chatter.  So he ranks Kennesaw Trains & Hobbies as number one!

Larry, did it ever occur to you that chatter is just what it means?  Chatter!  Worthless talk about nothing.  The reason that Kennesaw Trains is getting chatted about is because we are all watching (sadly) for when they might have to close their doors and we'll lose another hobby store.  Not because it is great, bigger or sells a lot of stuff.  Trainmaster Models, one of the finest hobby shops in the Southeast didn't even make the list!  Absurd!

Let's compare...
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How can a small store with no traffic and nothing much on the shelves beat out the largest model train shop in Georgia?  How can a hobby shop with one employee beat out a hobby shop that has seven folks and gives free clinics in a huge clinic room built just for that purpose?  Why is a cat lover that lives in San Diego, California rating hobby shops that he's never been to?  Simple!  He's hoping you'll hit one of the advertisers on his website.  Yup, posting bad info to drive you to his website so he can favor his advertisers.

So please...take a minute to leave a comment on his site telling him that we aren't fools and that he's way off base by providing this garbage on the internet.  Our goals (no, not just me) is to get Larry to pull his bogus Ezine article off the web. 


Please note that I'm not disparaging Kennesaw Trains.  I think the owner is a great guy and I shop there when I'm nearby.  Its just that this information on Ezine is far from accurate and I think Model Railroaders should hold their feet to the fire.  Meanwhile, visit every hobby shop you can including:

Trainmaster Models

Kennesaw Trains & Hobbies

Support your local hobby shops!


  1. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for writing.

    You are correct that I missed Trainmaster Models in Buford, Georgia from my list.

    You are not correct that (based on my methodology) Trainmaster Models would be #1, in online popularity - it would be #4.

    So, the top spot is correct, but I did miss Trainmaster Models.

    I could leave the article as is, and let you try to have it taken down. Not much point to this. The article has only had 41 views, making it is one of my very least popular articles of all time.

    I could rewrite it with Trainmaster Models at #4. I'm guessing you will still be upset with that.

    I could rewrite it with Trainmaster Models at #1. But, based on my methodology Trainmaster Models isn't #1, so I can't do that.

    However, since it clearly upsets you, pulling this article probably makes the most sense. It simply isn't benefiting me enough to get into any disagreements over it.

    -Larry Truett

  2. Thanks so much for agreeing to remove the article.!