Monday, February 8, 2010

#002 02 Four Way Cotton Gin - Hell's Bales

Its funny, but the size and shape of a bale of cotton has not changed much since the 20's.  It's still 500 lbs and 33" wide at the "bulge".

Here is a link to the dimension.

I'm going to need a lot of bales of cotton.  I figure somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 or more.  They will be needed for the gin, for the dock, for loads in cars and some for the mill.  Maybe a few others here and there.

For this many we'll need to mass produce them.  Probably resin or hyrdocal castings.

Model Tech Studios has some, but they don't look very real.

Cotton bale dimensions are 500 lbs, 55 inches long, 20 inches wide, 33 inches or less thick.

Bale pictures...


I forgot to check Model Railroader Magazine but E. L. Moore actually did an article on building a ginnery.  I ordered a copy of the plans from the NMRA Kalmbach Library today, so I should have it by Friday.  They are VERY good!


  1. These are nice pictures of the cotton.i like it.thanks for sharing us.

  2. Scott - if you ever do get around to making castings of these please let me know - I'm interested in getting a few.

    Craig Bisgeier

  3. Can you provide the month and year of that MR Article


  4. Bott's cotton-pickin' cotton gin September 1978 Model Railroader

    Hope that helps! I ordered a copy of the plans from the NMRA Kalmbach Library for about a buck.

  5. I want to build a cotton gin for my N scale railroad. I need to check on those plans myself. I am going to try to create a gin from an American Model Builders N. Hitzeman Feed Mill kit.

  6. Check on the Muskrat Ramble guys from Australia. They have some pretty good bales. I believe I'll be building this Cotton Gin around Christmas time in 2011.