Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dixie Donut Lives on as the Augusta Railway

Old layouts never die...

They just move around.

The Dixie Central is ALIVE!  Yes, ALIVE!

The design has been reinvigorated as the Augusta Railway!

Come visit us on The Model Railroader's Notebook Blog and follow along as we build it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reduce Price for Benchwork - $150

Entire layout benchwork for $150, ready to go!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dixie Central Layout Benchwork for Sale!

Dixie Central Layout Benchwork for Sale

Price $240
Delivered in Salt Lake City Area only, or for pick up.

Scott G. Perry
2142 DeBeers Drive
Sandy, UT 84093
801-930-5180 Home
801-349-5038 Cell (best)


The Dixie Central is a rare donut-style layout designed for display.  It is a four section layout designed to be very light weight and easy to assemble.  Unfortunately it doesn’t really fit in my basement, so I need to part with it.  The layout is being sold for what it cost me to build it, so the price is not negotiable.

Each section is built with Luan playwood in a waffle grid format which makes each section very lightweight, yet strong.  Perfect for moving to a train show.

The trackplan was designed for HO standard gauge but it can easily be converted to On30, Hon3 or N and Z.  Broad curves allow for any type of rolling stock.  The layout comes with leg extensions that provide for track to be as high as 50  inches, but you can make it almost any height you want be reducing the legs with a saw.  There are side boards that, when mounted, allow the layout sections to stack for storage.

The layout comes with only the benchwork and legs, along with the foam that is attached.  No rolling stock, electronics or track is included.  Photos of each section are below.

I’ll be glad to take cash or check, and will deliver in the immediate Salt Lake City area, Orem to Provo.  Anything else will have to be discussed and will increase the price.  My goal is to clear it out in the next 30 days so that I can design and build a new layout.  The pier section is NOT included in the sale.  If you want it we can discuss a price.

You can see descriptions and details on design and construction at the Dixie Central Blog located here:

Have a question?  Give Scott a call at 801-329-5038

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving the Layout Downstairs

See the Model Railroader's Notebook for the latest update!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Welcome back to the Dixie Central!  Its been a long time, but we're back to work.  Tonight I reassembled the modules in the cleaned out garage (its finally warm again) and we'll start to work this week on construction.  The goal is to get it ready for track laying before it gets cold again.

 The wood changed shape after the move and storage, so we've got some work to do.  I also kicked around changing it to an HOn3 layout, but I already have all the buildings, locos and rolling stock, so I'm going to stay with it as it is.

 Plenty of room in the garage to work.  Let's hope my daughter doesn't whack it with a bicycle before I get the sections locked down.

Lighting is poor, but normally I work with the garage door open.  We'll just do heavy construction (foam, dividers, wood working) here and once it is ready for track, it will go to the workshop.

First, we need more foam!

Monday, January 31, 2011

#021 04 Tybee Pier - Flat Top

Let's check on the patient tonight and see how she's doing...

 We remove the Popsicle Rick Handy Cheap Weights and she is flat as a pancake!  Perfect!  The patient will live!

It will sit up straight again.  But before we do any more work on her, let's leave her for 24 hours and check to see if the warping doesn't come back.  Sometimes it does.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

#020 04 Tybee Pier - Damage Control

Yeah!  We're finally back working on the Dixie Donut!  Tonight dispare and repair!

The question is: rebuild or repair?  This is for an AP award, so it must be good.  Most of the structure looks ok so maybe we can just straighten it up.  Its worth an evening's work to see.

 We'll need some toothpicks and glue.  I keep a supply of ketchup cups and a big bottle of round toothpicks in the supply drawer to my immediate right.

 Upon further investigation, we find that the top of the pier is racked slightly, meaning that it twists from right to left and is warped.  Not good.

 I carefully removed all of the loose or almost loose boards and pilings.

 The pier won't sit level on the table.  We'll have to unwarp it.   Mr. Sulu, unwarp factor 5.

 I'm going to use my handy dandy weights that were given to me by the legendary Popsicle Rick as a birthday present.  I can't tell you how often I use these things!  There tin cans with Sakrete in them.  Heavy and very cheap.

 I'll also need the alcohol sprayer.  You can't use water because the glue is water based.  This penetrates the wood better.

 I soak the pier in alcohol and get it really wet.  This way the model gets flexible.

Then we'll take the weights and press the model down to flatten it out.  I hope this works!  If not, there will be a pier building party next weekend!