Sunday, February 7, 2010

Working on Section #4 - Foam and Elevated Platform

I've had a little time today to play, so I made the best of it.  I want to get the track supporting parts of Section #4 which has the mill and the waterfalls.

First I cut a 3/4" foam slab for the top of the section, then marked and arch where the lower level trackage will go.

The forman was being her usualy self today.

Here you can see the semi circle where the lower level track will be.  Using a #5 right hand turnout I marked where the track will go.  I also marked the tunnel opening.  Everything that is not foam will be a work space and room for the DCC system.

Here you can see the #5 turnout.  This might become a #4 turnout as it is a bit too close to the edge.  Using some flex track I made sure the curve that leaves the table would work well.

There will be a tunnel portal and a small section of track here so that if I add a yard or expand the layout, there will be a place to connect it.

See?  Just a little too close.  Normally I like 4" of tangent track at a connection between sections.

Before I install the upper deck I wanted to see how the mill was going to fit.  Its a bit tight with the lower level trackage below.

The mill is also too low.  We'll have to boost it up.

It will look great on the layout, though it is a bit too close to the aisl.  One of its purposes is to hide the joint between the two sections.

When I put it on a slabl of 2" foam it comes up to the right height.

I hope it is not too wide.  This is not a structure I want to scratchbuild as my June deadline is approaching rapidly and a baby is going to show up in April.

Speaking of too wide.

The next step is to cut a luan upper deck.  Just like other patterns I used the previous section to mark this one.  I went ahead and put in the waffle marks, but I'm not sure that I'll remove them.

Nice fit.  Now we'll cut away everything that doesn't look like a layout.  Mostly about 3-4" on the front.

Next I'll make some side boards to lift the upper deck.  The square is a hole for the lower level train and the circles are just for lightweighting.

Here is the right side board.

Here is the left side board.  I'll need to cut boards for the middle as well.  But we'll do that tomorrow.

I put the upper deck on the work table and will make three more risers tomorrow.  A stop by Home Depot tomorrow will get me a stick of quarter round which I'll need to help fasten the sides to the upper deck. 

Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the pretty wood!


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