Sunday, February 14, 2010

#004 02 Four Way Cotton Gin - Changed my Mind

Actually, I'm going back to the wood sided prototype, the Augusta Gin.

Really, I like the look of the wood sided gin.  This one is old so the wood would have been nice and silver-gray by 1945 if it was standing at all.  There is no information that I can find on this mill so I'll build it as a freelanced model and use what I can from this one photograph.

Here is the plan overview with the rough dimensions that I was able to decipher.  Not a hard structure to  build, but will take some time.  Just what I needed for the SER convention, though I probably won't be able to make it with the new baby.  Maybe I'll send it by courier.

One change that I'll make is that the cotton storage shed will have a railside loading dock.  I don't want to put the nice side of the gin toward the back so I'm not sure how it will look yet.

Here is the warehouse, which is slightly enlarged from the above drawing.

It is a simple structure, building on wood blocks to keep it off the ground.  Identical on both sides unless I put in a rail side dock.  I've shrunk it down a bit for the space I have.

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  1. Cool! Can't make the convention because of a new baby??? Leave the baby behind with the wife, or bring it along! ;-)