Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#002 The Great Turnout Project - Details, Details

I got some good coaching from Frank Koch, HLM and Executive Assistant Manager of the NMRA AP Program...


Some members of the chat group may give you grief for two reasons - requirements say operational as defined by powered locomotive able to negotiate all routes while under power with an assumption you will use an NMRA gauge to establish clearances, but some will say you need to build to all the track standards (not the requirement).  Second, some may ask where your plates, tie rods, point braces, NBW, and all the other minor elements are - they are details that add to your score.  Lastly, paint and weather the rail and ties, and add the little details that are around a turnout (switch stand, control boxes, etc.  Talk to your local AP manager and ask how they judge trackwork.  Then build and include their comments.  Good luck.

Frank Koch

I had not planned to highly detail the track items, but may change my mind.  First, I'll do as Frank recommends and will reach out to our Division AP Manager Bob McIntire to see what they look for.  Since the items must go on my layout, they have to operate flawlessly so that is the priority.  Detailing is second.

I've bought Proto 87 parts before for turnouts and will probably do so again.  They are readily available at http://www.proto87.com/turnout-details.html in a variety of different types.  The site also has printable diagrams:


Number 6 Turnout RH diagram

Ok, well maybe we won't be added store bought details.  I added up what I needed at the Proto 87 store and it came up to $81.  Forget that.  I'll make my own details like I usually do.

Being an MMR cost a lot of money, that's for sure.  It is probably something you should take into account.

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