Sunday, November 22, 2009

Basics on the Dixie Central

In order to get my train fix, I've been spending evenings on the road and late at night working on a new track plan idea. My wife is having a baby in the spring and I've been working double time for the past few months and have not been going to Train Night on Friday with my friends.

I've always wanted to draw a round layout for train shows/demonstrations.

This one is a skill building layout. Basically, the next step after a HOG. The focus is more on construction and scenery. The four modules are waffle construction. Each of the four sections is a different season of the year. Every basic type of water is represented, as well as a variety of bridges.

Operations are simple. This is a 1940's cotton hauling railroad in the south (Georgia) that moves King Cotton from the farms to the cotton gin, the knitting mill and the warf.

Grades are still easy at 2.5%. Only tricky electronics are in the turntable wiring.

This plan knocks out at least 3 of the NMRA AP awards items.

What do you think?

Scott G. Perry, CPM

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