Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feedback from the NCI group

Scott, a very unique and clever layout design.
Here are my thoughts (without too much thought)
  • For train shows looks like the ideal situation with many viewing spots (about 25 lineal feet). But for a typical room this is 8 ft wide so aisle space may be a limitation in some home/room case.
  • Four seasons in the south are not like 4 seasons further north. Would be interesting to model Midwest or Northeast were winter season would include snow and three other very distinct seasons. Clayton could be the winter scene.
  • Yes construction would be fun. Working within a circle one would want to find a reference point, line or datum. I find circles hard to work within and establishing reference lines.
  • Nice long mainline ~ 45 feet to run long trains.
  • Do you plan a backdrop or backboard between each segment/quadrant.
  • Reaching turntable may be difficult unless accessing from inner circle.
  • Could Unique Knitting Mills but flipped so that the loading platform could be viewed from the outside.
  • A typical module segment would be ~ 3' x 6'.
  • Put the operator in the middle on a swivel chair during train shows.
  • You cleverly have only 2 rails per module joint.
  • I would enjoy building this.
Very ingenious Scott!
Bob Wheeler
Suwanee, GA

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