Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks for the great feedback! Please keep it coming!

For home use its designed to be a one man operation, and operated from the inside pit. So in a 10 by 10 bedroom, you only need to be able to crawl in.

As to modeling the northeast...I don't like snow! We have winter down here, too, ya know! Actually it is HARDER to model a southern winter. Right now the ocean scene is slated to be the winter. Lance Mindheim mastered the non-snow winter look and I'd love to try it. I have yet to see a non-summer ocean scene.

As to the other mods, the seasons will flow around the layout. The ocean scene is winter which makes for a winter Martinez engine servicing terminal. The mountain town of Clayton will be in spring with full waterfalls and clear rivers. The cotton fields of Toccoa will be in late summer when the plants are green but the cotton bolls are bursting, and the crossing at Elberton will be a very ripe fall.

I didn't understand the 'reference point' comment....can you explain further?

Much like the HOG, the mainline is long, but the curves are a little tighter, You never see all of the layout in one view.

I didn't draw them in, but there is a backdrop and side drops on each module section to contain the scene. The AP scenery specs require it.

That is a great idea on Unique. When running the layout on the computer, the mill also obstructs the turnouts on the passing siding. I'll go back and work on that.

The modules fit in a 4x4 square. However, from point to point on the curve the modules are 5 1/2 fee long by 32 inches.

Excellent idea on the swivel chair! I've thought about this layout being less tall than other layouts for show purposes so that older kids could see it. It also allows the operator to more easily see it from the pit.

I tried to follow your rule about 2 module track joints, but there is one three joint module as there is a hidden track in Clayton. I'm a bit worried about this one and am kicking around restructuring it. It is 1/5 feet from the edge but is under a mountain and may be ok. Your thoughts?

One thing that is NOT showing on this is a modular approach to making water, which I'm going to test out. Each body of water is removable so that you can detail and pour away from the layout. the water is then reinstalled and the track put back in.

The interchange track could easily use your cartridge system to add more operation. Could also be a larger yard or interchange with a bigger railroad.

The three way or "lap" turnout is a space improver that can lengthen the yard tracks (a staging yard, not storage) but can easily be changed to regular turnouts. I'm only including it because I need to build one for the AP, and it is available from Walthers.

Scott G. Perry, CPM

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