Sunday, January 17, 2010

#010 04 Tybee Pier - Pier-amid Scheme

After home-made chilli and some fun with the family (my daughter flushed something still unidentified down the toilet and stopped it up) I headed back down to the dungeon.  Tonight: Clint Eastwood in For A Few Dollars More.

We need to put the sway braces on the short side of the pier...time to make some sawdust.

The same sway braces are used for the sides, so I cut a bunch of them on the chopper which was still set up from the last cut.

Here is how the pier is looking.  My wife had no comment when I showed it to her.

A little closer view.

Here is a section of track (no ties will be on the model) just to see how it looks.  Just what I wanted.

After distressing and cutting I taped them with Scotch tape to the glass for painting and weathering.

While the braces are drying I double checked the measurements for the decking, which is the same as the sway braces, but will be weathered a little more heavily.  To do this PERFECTLY the top should be weathered more than the bottom.  These are 14' planks.

I started cutting deck planks.  The chopper makes this job go quickly!  Indio just shot the guy that put him in jail.

A quick reminder to find some Scotch Tape.  I've used up two rolls.  There used to be a lot on a roll, so I guess the economy has struck 3M.  Hmmmm...

Here is a shot with the sway bracing.

Now for the decking. After distressing 13 sticks of 1" x 9" board I cut out 150 planks and started taping them down.  They just blew up the bank in El Paso.

Here are some finished deck planks.  Excellent look!  I love board by board construction, especially when Clint Eastwood just shot three of Indio's men for breakfast.

The decking is all painted and weathered.  Tomorrow I'll try to get about an hour and put them down.

It takes a while to do this but the pier is looking great!

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