Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Rolling Stock Additions

Having to travel is a bad thing.  I miss my wife and daughter terribly.  So, I drown myself in trains!  Don't get me wrong, I love what I do for a living...but it is tough on the road.  Hobby Shops are a great advantage to working out here. 

Last night on the way in from the airport I stopped at Scale Reproductions Hobby Shop and poked around.  They are moving the inside of the store around so some things were piled up.  Low and behold I discovered some Accurail cars.  They produce a bunch of cars for the 1940's era!  Goldmine!

First up was the all black Souther car  #175289.  It is a drop side riveted gondola.  Perfect!  Great price, too.  Now, if I just had a screwdriver and some glue.  It is a kit, which I like better than ready-to-roll.  Especially in that I can weather it more easily.

Next up is an oxide red drop side lettered for the Old Reliable.  This is one of my favorite railroads and I had to have an L&N car.  Coalfinger Ken will love it and the lettering is nicely done. 

I'll get these in the weathering shop this weekend and show you the results!

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