Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foam Cutting Idea

This just in from Tom Thorpe on the LayoutConstruction Yahoo Egroup...

Scott, Wow! you ask to teach you something.......gonna be a challange. Been exploring your blogs, lots of great information.

One thing I might offer. In reading your comments on foam cutting I agree. Can be a smelly or dusty mess.

I cut a lot of 2" foam and use the curved side edge of a 6" spackle knife and draw it toward me like a hoe. I do not use the straight edge at all. Multiple passes yield an extreamly smooth and perpendicular edge.

First a light scribe line then increasingly firm slight saw motion passes. Usually 5 to 7 passes for a complete slice through of 2" sheets. As you progress you will find the sweet spot on the blade which does the most good. And yes, you can cut curves this way. In fact I mostly cut curves

If you are accumulating a lump of foam in front of the blade you are just doing it incorrectly.

You will also notice this is an extreamly clean process, hardly no crumbs at all and of course no fumes. tt

Thanks for the tip, Tom...and as soon as I get home we'll give it a try.  I've got a ton of foam to cut!

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