Sunday, January 3, 2010

Planning for the Turntable

The reason I have to build a turntable for the layout is two fold.  One, I need AP points.  Two, it is very small and must fit exactly.  Tonight I confirmed that it needs to be 10 actual inches long, which is about 74' in HO scale.  Here are some links to some sites that can help.

Locomotive Servicing Book

This might be the best one to model.  The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum has an 80 foot Southern Turntable in operation.  I can actually go over there and get demensions and photos.  Here is a video of the turntable.

A grass center turntable in action

Building a pit

Bowser Turntable Assembly Drawings

Scratchbuild a turntable

Turntable Controller

My friend Dr. Ben has a nice pit that is the exact size I need, but the outer box is too big.

Modified Atlas Turntable

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