Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cotton Links

Courtesy of Mr. Rhett Graves, a gentleman and a scholar...


Here's a few links I ran across today while perusing the Mississippi Department of Archives and History website:

You don't have to model the steamboat details so long as you have it fully loaded with cotton!

I'm guessing there weren't many height restrictions along this portion of the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley RR.

Speaking of the Y&MV (which got swallowed up by the IC in 1899 on paper, but lasted until 1949 in paint), your car roster has the chance to feature some little-known railroads that eventually got swallowed up into the Southern, SAL or ACL.  Here's a few that come to mind:

Georgia Southern & Florida - Southern controlled, but still independent in 1920.  Though part of NS, it's still independent in paint today! 
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic - reorganized as the Atlanta Birmingham & Coast in 1926 (you could conceivably have both the AB&A and AB&C).  Ultimately absorbed into ACL in 1946.
Macon, Dublin & Savannah - absorbed into SAL in 1958. 

And being in Georgia, you've got a plethora of shortline carriers whose rolling stock would make excellent modeling fodder.  Here's the complete list:

I notice the "Savannah, Tybee & Atlantic."  Could that be your prototype?


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