Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#012 04 Tybee Pier - Pier-ce The Night

Its a very quiet night tonight.  The daughter is sleeping and the pregnant wife is tired from a busy day.  The shop is quiet except for the coffee pot heating water.

Tonight's project is to cut the rest of the deck board and paint/weather them for application tomorrow.

The chopper was already set up, so I whacked a few more of the 14 foot boards from distressed stock.  There is a funny bruise on the tip of my left index finger from holding the wood down so that I can rake it with the saw.  As you probably figured out from the photos I am ambidexterous and can build with either hand, so I've switched to the right finger for holding wood for a few days.

If you don't have one of these, they are handy.  This is a STEEL tape dispenser.  It must weigh 3 pounts at least and is old as the hills.  I use the tape to hold the small pieces of wood to the table for painting.  Tape comes in handy for tons of things and I always keep it handy.

The boards on the left are the 14' boards for the larger pier section.  The 16 foot boards on the right are for the small pier section.  These I carefully counted and made a few extra so that I don't have to paint again.

I forgot to lightly sand the ends.  The Chopper breaks the board as much as it cuts, so you get some "fuzz" or splinters on the end.  Normally I sand these off, but I forgot this time.  So I let them dry and sanded them, then touched up the edges.

There!  In an hour I had all the boards I needed!

Enjoy the evening.....

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