Thursday, January 7, 2010

#001 04 Tybee Pier - Planning Phase

That was VERY nice of Model Railroader to print John Pryke's article on building a pier and wharf.  Just in time.  I was thinking of doing that very thing over the next week and was going to look for some ideas.

The pier is going to be simple.  Deck, supporting pilings, track on the deck, small office, some clutter.  KISS all the way.  I have to scratch build it, so we don't want it too cumbersome.

So, let's do some research!

Here is the PERFECT photo of what I'm looking to do!

Actually I didn't collect many photos of piers with tracks on them at all.  Only about a dozen.  Guess this will be more freelanced than I planned.  No matter.

The pier will actually be two pieces.  A long retaining wall and the pier.  I'm going to start with a luan or thin plywood base and build a plywood backboard.  Then I'll build the retaining wall against the backboard.  Once that is done I'll take the final dimensions and draw the pier.  We'll build it using a jig for the pilings.

The "water" will be about 1/8" thick or so.  It is better to detail the pilings BEFORE building the pier, so carefull measurements must be taken so that you get the tide lines right. 

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