Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quiet Sunday Morning

I wanted to get the glue drying so that I could work on the layout tonight so I broke away from de-Christmasing the house to do it.

First thing is to correct my mess from last night.  I missed the track entrance point by SEVERAL inches.  Must have been more tired than I thought.

Using a GREEN pen so that I could see the difference I redrew the turnout and track.  Frankly, its still not right but I'll correct it when I lay the cork.

I like using the 12 penny nails better than the toothpicks!  The handle more easily and don't break.

Using PL's #300 foam board adhesive, I'll glue the foam layers together.

Here is my favorite caulk gun for the tube.

Wow, this stuff is thick!  My hand is killing me from just squeezing it out.  We won't use this stuff again.

The section's legs are not stable enough for pressing the layers together, so I moved to the workbench.

Screw the PL 300.  I'm going back to the old standby adhesive.  The one thing you have to watch is that it MAY not dry.  I cut into an old layout once, about 5 years old, and the glue in the middle was STILL WET!  Shocked the heck out of me.

Glued and nailed.  While that dries we'll install the risers.

I'm installing these 2" x 2" risers as a sturdy point for attaching the track where it will meet up with the other section.  It also serves as a support for the view block.

Each block is carefully cut and remeasured as these must be DEAD ON in order to make the sections work.

Time to also cut out the pier.  I put nails in it to keep it together as it is still wet.

My mobile tool tray and light are perfect!  Now I can see what I'm cutting with the hot knife.

Earthquake!  Must be California.  Actually it is just where I cut out the pier.  I'll replace the foam with a piece of luan base then build the pier pilings on it.

Next I'll cut out the beach front, or the "breakers".

Done!  Wow, that took forever without the big cutter.  The little one just doesn't have the heat output.  My kerosene heater in the back is knocking off the 18 degree temps outside.

Using the hot knife I cut out a 2"x2" hole and glued in the block, then  tested the height again.

One of the blocks had a slight crack in it which would have expanded the minute I put in the screws, so I cut another one.

There!  All four blocks are in place and set the pace for the grades.  See you later tonight!


  1. Scott, re: adhesive adventures - I have recently discovered, through working on a friend's layout, DAP Kwik Seal Plus - it comes in a 5.5 oz tube and we have used it to join foam, cork to foam, and track to foam. It tacks quickly, holds like all the others yet makes any corrections or re-alignments easy to do. We use the clear version as it virtually disappears after it sets up when we use it to hold track down.

  2. DAP Kwik Seal Plus is now on the grocery list. I'll give it a try!