Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not a Leg to Stand On

A discussion with the NCI guys about the three legged module.


Taylor hit it with such force that it would have gone over no matter how many legs it had.

I'm thinking 2 legs instead of one and get it off the tripod, then spread them out like Bob says to widen the stance.

I'll wait until the 29th and we'll fix it then.

Thanks for the coaching!

Scott G. Perry, CPM

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Scott, you asked what shall you do?
Not sure as I have not seen the assembly yet on site.  But if my memory serves me right the purpose of the 3rd leg was to support each quarter module for assembly (a third hand) while you join the 4 quarters together, not as a support for permanently working on the modules.  I’m thinking the problem is not the 3rd leg in this spill; it is the distance between the permanent table legs being to short when one module stands on its own.
Solutions? (for working on each module as stand alones)
-          assemble all 4 quarter modules together.
-          fasten the single leg end of a module to a rigid 2 x 4 screwed to one of your walls or a bench
-          make a wide stance saw house to support a single module at the single leg end when working on it
-          ask the NCI guys
-          when we are at you house in 2 weeks (29th) look at it
Poor Taylor, she must have been frightened

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Scott G. Perry, CPM

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