Saturday, January 23, 2010

#013 04 Tybee Pier - Pier to Pier Networking

"The craft of the good modeler is not shown in what he builds but in how he covers up his mistakes."

- Scott Perry

My wife and I got a suprise!  A rare moment alone as the daughter went over to grandma's for the weekend.  I had to skip train night over at Steve's but Marie and I enjoyed our night out.  We got home and she was tired, so I went to the basement to finish up the decking on the pier.

On the large pier I have just a little decking left so this won't take long.

See?  Didn't take 10 minutes.  I did notice that my boards started getting crooked as I got close to the end.  The square was a little heavy and hard to use, so next time I'll get one that is lighter.  The edges of the boards are still a little ragged.  I'm going to sand them down and touch up the paint to make them even.

Here you can see a few gaps up top where I offset the boards a little in order to straigten them out.  So to cover up my mistake, the office will sit here or some cargo to cover it up.

The little pier is next.  This one just gets one row of decking, so it will go quickly as well.

I take a little more time with this one to make sure the deck boards are perpendicular to the sides.  Still, I have issues with the ragged board ends even though I snnded them.  There must be a better way to cut the boards.  Probably need to use the chop saw.

There!  All done.  Next time we're going to put the pilings on.  I won't detail the top until after the water is poured.

In and out in thirty minutes.

Night all!

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