Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cutting View Blocks

Its the first day of the New Year!  Yeah!  No hangover, went to be early last night, so I'm ready to build.  Little did I know that I would have to take my daughter to the Emergency Clinic for strep throat and then spend the night with my neighbor in the ER while he is having heart issues.  Didn't get much done, but priorities are priorities.

Sunlight!  Wow...its been a long time since sunshine messed up a shot here in Georgia.  I stripped the section back down and prepared to remove the legs for painting.

Nobody can have enough clamps.  These are just a few that I have handy at the workbench.  Whenever you think you have enough clamps, buy more!

I'm especially short of Quickgrip bar clamps and need at least 5 more.

The Foreman decided that watching princess movies in the shop was more fun than helping Daddy.

Today's first issue is to paint the final coat of black paint on the legs.  The wind was blowing but it was sunny so I did the painting outside.  The mud is two inches thick or more from months of rain here in the "sunny" south.  I'm moving to Seattle.

This is a note to remind me to bring some more pens to the shop.  I use pens to mark lumber instead of pencils because I can see the lines better.

The next job is to cut all of the side view blocks for each section.  I need six more and we'll cut them from the 1/4" Sandply board I bought.  They are already ripped to 16" (which I double checked for accuracy) so all I have to do is make a mark at 29 3/4" and then make a line with a T-square.

I forgot to mention why I'm using plywood for the view blocks instead of luan.  My plan is to use Bob's method of "locking" the two sections together using dowel keys.  In order to do this I need to have a wood that is easily drilled along the grain.  Luan splinters and is too thin, so I'm using lightweight plywood.

I'm using a drywall square only because it is handy.  Wish I had a T-square that was a little shorter.

I need a pair of safety glasses for my little girl.  Anyone know where I can find a pair?

I clamped all of the eight view blocks together with clamps (see you need more!) and prepared to cut the radius with my handy jig saw.

I cut them just a little larger than the template so that I can sand them to size and make them smooth.

After sanding the radius and all the edges these pefectly smooth boards are ready for installation.

Meanwhile I had an accident.  I grabbed the top plate of the module and ripped it off since it was not glued properly.  Crap.  More glue and some clamps should fix this overnight!

My final act for the day was to cut the Masonite backdrops out of 1/8" Masonite.  Each is 28 1/2" long, which is longer than needed.  I may revise this measurement.

Thats all!  Off to the hospitals for all nighters!

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