Monday, December 14, 2009

Benchwork Sections are Done!

Her are all four sections, complete and ready for legs. The legs, I found out today after nagging Harbor Freight for a few days, are back ordered until late February of next year. Nice of them to tell me. I promptly canceled my order.

Here's his Fatness sitting Native American style in the middle. Now you can kind of gauge the size since you have Shamu to compare it with. I really love this layout! It's going to be fantastic.

The supervisor agrees!

Next...find some legs and get the foam sections on. Actually, a little sanding and trimming to make sure the sections fit snug. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Had to work on the Queen's car tonight so didn't get much train time.


  1. Scott,

    I love this construction! I know it would be $$$, but I wonder if the segments superstructure could be done using aluminum? I found an on-line supplier that has great prices. It would require a brake to bend the support components which could be pop rivited together. This would only be worthwhile if there was a significate reduction in the weight (20 - 30% or greater?).


  2. Actually, this type of benchwork is cheaper per the square foot than using dimensional lumber. It is also much stronger. The only drawback is that it is time consuming. If you could find a local cabinet maker to rout out the boards, it could be very quick.

    I'd love to kick around doing this in aluminum or some type of plastic/polycarbonate.