Sunday, December 27, 2009

Foam on Section Three

I'm going to start the foam scenery on Section 3, the Tybee Island section.  This appears to be the easiest.  There is a 2" slab and 1" slab (3") that covers the base and a 2" and 1" slab (to 6") that make up the Maritinez turntable.  There is a 2% grade along the length of the section for the mainline, and spurs are level.

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I went through all of the elevations and made some changes.  First of all I had calculated all of the elevations from the top of a 2" foam base.  This makes assembly calculations difficult, so I recalculated them all to measure from the top of the wood section.  Next, I re-adjusted all of the elevations so that the joints were on easy numbers so that I can cut wood support blocks for the track.

Since I keep referring to the sections, I've put in the section numbers as well.

Tonight I'm going down to the basement to finish off Section 3 and then maybe cut the foam.  With the exception of the turntable, the rest of this section is very easy.  The turntable maybe the last track section I install.

Here is the modified drawing that I'll be working with for Section 3.

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