Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cough Cough Cough

Another fun filled night of making sawdust!  Luan sawdust is NASTY.  Cough cough.  Even with safety glasses and a dust mask.  I'm wheezing as I write this!

 Section Four is the first up for surgery.  Sand sand sand....ah crap.  My sanding belt is worn out!
Yup, this one is about shot.  It's easy to tell because the wood starts smoking!  I put out the module and head to the shop.  NO SPARES!  Double crap!  Me and the dog load up in the car and head to Homeless Depot where I buy a few more sanding belts...and...

I bought two 2'x4' 1/4" sand ply boards.  These will be for the sides of the section.  I am just getting enough to do Section Four.  If it works, we'll get enough to do the rest. 

Also on the spend list was a 2' x 4' 1/8" sheet of Masonite.  This will be the backdrop piece as it needs to be more flexible than the sides.

Here are the 3" x 18" coarse grade wood machining belts at $4 each that you DON"T need because you are going to be more careful sawing, right?  Learn the lesson...the sanding is costing me about $10 and about three hours of time.

Section Four is as smooth as my new daughter's butt...she is due in April!  I'm so excited!

Section One is now up for sanding.  This is the worst of the sections in that I did the poorest cutting job.  This one took me almost 45 minutes to sand correctly.

Look at that!  I almost took the jigsaw to it but it would be hard to cut and I don't want to damage the radius board.  Sand sand sand...

The luan eats these belts up!  This is a good quality sanding belt and I chewed it up in no time.

The dog is quite offended at my foul language.  I apologized to him and gave him a piece of my Christmas Present Old Hickory Farm Summer Sausage.  We are friends again.

Last one! This section is in pretty good shape, so only light sanding is needed.  The edges are nice and sharp!  Glue Bob wood be proud!  In fact, he's probably at home reading this and VERY jealous that he is not over here making sawdust with me.

Note to self.  We need another can of flat black paint.  Marie is not here to remind me.

Done!  All of the sections are sanded flat and ready for foam and backdrop boards!  Yeah!

These silly things are quite interesting.  Everyone loves to look at them.  The Sippin' and Switching guys have told me repeatedly about people looking up under their layout at the benchwork.  Now I know why they paint them.  I should have done it as well.  Shut up Bob, I know you told me too!

That's all for now.  Tomorrow...Foam, Foam on the Range!


  1. it is a bit late but could you have used a cheap "laminate router" from Harbor Freight to make the luan tops and bottoms conform? On sale they are about $20.00. They are used to make the edges of laminate confrom to the underlying wood.
    Lindley Ruddick

  2. Either the laminate router that Lindley mentioned or a laminate trim bit for a RotoZip or a full-sized router! I used one in a RotoZip to trim the edges of my fascia boards and I'll never worry about getting flush fits and sanding again! The bit does all the work in about 15 seconds.