Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh Sandy, Baby!

Today's lesson is wise to take time to cut properly, then not have to sand his mistakes away.
- Cornfutious

Ok, so if you take time to make carefully accurate cuts, you won't spend time machining the wood down with a belt sander.  Tonight's episode is just that.  Machining wood to spec.  Yuck.  Cough Cough.

Section Three was carefully clamped down to the operating table.

As you can see from this photo there is a tiny lip of luan here.  This occurs in spots all around the section, however this particular shot is of a very bad lip.  I'll use my Skil belt sander to sand this off.  This is luan, remember so we'll wear safety glasses and a dust mask to keep this nasty sawdust out of our eyes and lungs.

The Eraser!  Makes mistakes vanish in thin air!  Cough Cough.

The before example....1/8" mistake in the cut and assembly.

The after shot...a nice smooth and flat finish for mounting!

After 40 minutes of sanding all the way around the module, flipping it once during the process, I've got nicely smoothed sides.  Cough cough.  Damn, this dust.  Even the vacuum is not helping.

I'll have to do this to the other sections as well...hope to get one or two done on Tuesday so that we can cut foam and build sides on Wednesday.  Some of the guys are coming over.

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