Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Rolling Stock Acquired

I'm off today again...same computer issues. Oh well, it's Christmas. So I went to the hobby shop.

This Seaboard boxcar #19555 was in the used equipment bin. Its in great shape except for a loose coupler which I can easily fix. Metal wheels and Kadee's. Check. For $10 less my holiday discount it was half price. Can't beat that!

This war time two bay hopper lettered for the Southern #104500 is perfect for my coal hauling needs. Both the mill and the railroad will need coal. This has the wood sections replaced with steel, so it may be just a little too new for the line, but what the heck. Most people won't know or care. This car is made by Walther's under the Proto 2000 series.

I also bought a Walther's Code 83 #5 left hand turnout. This will be used for aligning the trackage in a few weeks. Then I'll get the other turnouts that I need. Funds are getting tight on the hobby budget and the Foreman was giving me some grief.

Left Hand #5 Template

Right Hand #5 Template

Now I'm off to clean up the basement. The dust has gotten out of hand and I need a place to work on the foam.

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