Saturday, December 5, 2009

Section Progress Today!

My wife took my daughter to a kiddie birthday party and left me in the house alone. I threw the honey-do list in the cookie jar to hide it, put on old clothes, grabbed the dog and a soda and headed for paradise under the house. It is amazing what you can get done in 2.5 hours of uninterrupted bliss!

I took the clamps of Section One. Perfect! Well, close, anyway. It really did come out well. A few little glitches were showing, but it was strong and level. Just what I needed. It is much heavier than I thought it would be, but still manageable with one hand.

Since the print out of my poster didn't come out right, they gave it to me for free. It still works, so I hung it up as an easy-to-read reference document. While it was sunny outside, it was still cold, so I kept the window closed.

The photo makes this look fantastic, but when viewed up close its not as perfect as I'd like it to be. There is some sanding to do but not much. The whole section is very well balanced. I moved this section into the "Swamp" so that it could dry a little more. Seems I kind of got Glue Bob's passion for using glue.

Clearing the table lets us get started on Section Two. This time we'll build it a little bit different. We are going to work from the inside out.

Last time I put the heavy sides on first, which warp and caused issues for the first Section. This time we'll put the inner slats on first.

Then I put the inner slats in place and put in quarter round braces, all glued with wood glue.

I then put on the side panels, still made out of plywood since it was available. Once it was checked and in place with GLUE ONLY, I put in the remaining small slats. A few places were clamped temporarily to help the glue set. Then I left it on the table to dry.

I keep a few 8' pop up tables around for projects, so while Section Two is drying, I began section three. After turning the music up and grabbing another soda, I started again with the inner slats which seems to go MUCH faster.

In twenty minutes I had everything but the radius boards on. I want to make sure the frame is very dry and solid before putting on the radius boards. I'll also countersink & screw the frame to the side boards tomorrow.

Each time you cut out one of the frames, you get this odd shaped piece. A long time ago I was taught by my mentor David B. Mueller, Sr. (a great American) that you do not waste anything. So I ripped these up at the 3" mark and made more slats.

My saw is not the best in the world, but like Uffleman commented, I may not be the best sawyer either. To keep the dust out of the house I drag the saw out into the back yard and annoy the neighbors. Carefully I rip up several of the round scraps and make a pile of slats.

My dog is running around like a nut as the sawdust flies. In no time I have the rest of the slats that I need to finish the sections. Well, except the radius slats. My wife and daughter came home and distracted me, so I put away the saw and forgot to saw them! Shit. Well, I'll wait until tomorrow.

On to Section Four, the final section. Actually this is the FIRST frame that I cut out. I saved it for last and with good reason. The webs on the frame were an inch smaller than the others (I changed the measurement after I saw how flimsy they were) and it required some special care. The big problem is that the 1" webs tend to warp. Actually, they DO WARP. During assembly I had trouble getting the wood to lay down even though I've had it laying flat on concrete for a week. A heavy pail helped to hold it in place, but I won't put it in the list of tools!

Section Four is done internally and will dry over night. The hard work is done! I'll put on the radius boards tomorrow and give them all a good sanding and we're done.

Where are the legs? Harbor Freight sent me a card saying they had been sent, but they still aren't here.

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