Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Fun Cleaning Out the Shop

Stopped by Trainmaster Models last evening. My next door neighbor called me at four o'clock on Christmas Eve and decided he wanted to buy a train set. Ok, a LITTLE BIT late, but what the hell. I took him to Trainmaster and they helped him pick out a nice Lionel set. They also had a package for me. My new train car had arrived!

Southern Boxcar #27001 arrived. This will be perfect for hauling cotton! The doors move and it has magnetic couplers and steel wheels. Perfect!

This is Athearn RTR car #70357 and it cost $14.45. It really looks good! Was rolling very nicely on my test track (shown in the picture.)

Just a note to remind me to buy 1 1/4" drywall screws the next time I'm at the store. I'm always running out of these.

Tonight I spent two hours cleaning up the basement again. Here is the pile that is going to the dump. Wow, that is a lot of trash!

The construction shop is covered with sawdust. I have to get it up so that I stop sneezing.

Here is my home made 8' work table. I keep my saws (sabre, circular, etc) underneath as well as my brad nailer. I use the bench for heavy construction. It is heavy enough to be hard to move, but can still be relocated. It is also a very tall table since I need something higher than normal.

Here is sits by the window. Storage is to the left, the main room to the right and my On30 layout room is directly behind me. The model shop is even further behind me.

Cleaning up is always fun! I found a ton of stuff. For the caboose I wanted to add ladders. My childhood friend and buddy Reece gave me a box full of his trains that he no longer wanted. These ladders for a caboose were in there, so I've moved them to the shop.

This old gondola with cheap trucks and horn hooks will look great with some details and new coupers and trucks. I'll use it!

Here is another future Dixie Central car. Southern - excellent! Looks great, just needs some work, remove the gravel load, new wheels and couplers. RIP track.

Here is another goodie! A three dome riveted tank car. New couplers and trucks, plus a little weather. Awesome chemical car.

This is a bit longer than I wanted. It is a 50 foot flat, and I wanted a 40, but to save $20 I'll use it. Needs just a little work and some new couplers. Off to the shop with her.

This is a deal! I'll save $90 on new cars, but will spend about $24 for couplers/trucks. Not a bad way to save money. Used equipment is GOOD equipment.

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  1. Congrats on everything- especially the junkectomy! That is an essential and often difficult process.

    That workbench looks great by the way.