Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Aiming to Clean Up This Here Town!

The shop is a mess! With all the cutting and sawing I've done, there is dust and dirt everywhere. I've got the day off (!@#$!# computer still not working) so I'm going to clean up the shop.I'm going to do two things, actually....clean up and make room for the 8' circle layout. I have plenty of room and just need to rearrange a bit.

The long haul that will be the Swamp's saw mill complex is just empty now. I'll clean it out, put the wood where it belongs (these are the remnants of the Swamp benchwork which is now complete) and remove the plastic.

Gadzooks! This is a wreck. I'm not sure I'll get to all of it today as I only have three hours.

There are tons of scrap, sawdust and spider webs. This corner attracts crap. I shall de-crapit.

The sections store easily without scenery on them. Not sure what I'll do when they are complete. I will want to keep the dust of them, too.

While I was moving everything I found a can of black spray paint and for a change it wasn't raining outside, so I decided to give the legs a good coat of paint.

I love these pop-up tables. There are several of them in my basement of various lengths. They are very handy for layout building projects and you can put them up and out of the way when done. I always keep one of them out.

This is my Sunday project. I need to finish wiring the lights in the Swamp room. Shouldn't take too long. This way I can have light and get the cover back on the electrical panel.

I don't have enough room on my workbench. This is my construction workbench which is outside of my shop. The stupid baskets are fading fast. Time to remove them.

There! Swept, sorted and cleaned! I emptied the trash cans and will have to do it again this week. There is plenty of room for the Dixie Central!

The section will be stored here while I fine tune them and put the foam and side plates on.

Damn. Ran out of black paint. They are JUST short of being done.

I added a quick shelf and cleaned up the tools. There is plenty of working space now. It is just a temporary place as this will eventually be a bathroom and the heavy tools will go to the garage.

Still, I didn't get back to clean the assembly room, so maybe I can sneak an hour tomorrow to do that. The wood is in need of sorting, and then I can clean the room. Lots to throw away in here.

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  1. As far as storing sections once scenery is complete, I've planned to use end plates to connect like-sized sections together (like the Sippin' & Switchin' Society's module plates). Just mount them so that the scenicked sides face each other and make the spacers far enough apart so none of the scenery touches.

    Your cleanliness inspires me. Unfortunately, Christmas Eve breakfast has me zonked out on the couch...