Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Paint or Not To Paint the Sections

What do you think, guys? Should I paint the sections white like the Sippin' and Switchin' society does...or just leave them alone?
They came out great!

Scott G. Perry, CPM

Dear Shamu.
It really looks GOOD!
For practical reasons I would paint the Masonite on both sides to seal it and also paint the Luan as the sealer has a tendency to reduce the number of slivers you can get.
Also it does look nicer and finished.
I would prefer to use a sealer such as a sheetrock sealer as it penetrates the surface and seals better.
As previously mentioned you may also wish to make a small cut-out in the segment that has no cut-outs on the two inner circles. Purpose is to put a C-or spring clamp from the top. I would think a 4" opening near the two flanges on the inner most circle would do it.
A great concept Scott.

Good point about the painting to reduce splinters. But I'm going to get splinters while painting.

Tought decision. Its a lot of work to paint it.

Let me think some more.

Other question...what color? Flat black? White? Gray? Clear?

Scott G. Perry, CPM

Scott, I like the furniture-quality appearance of the modules. Perhaps a medium or dark wood stain would be appropriate. Or use Kilz as a primer/sealer. Use your air brush to paint it so no one gets splinters! If you use the Kilz, you could actually leave it white. Would the consideration of painting regular benchwork in a neutral color pertain here? What color scenery will predominate? Would you want to shade the separate modules to reflect the main color in the different modules if they change seasons, for instance?



I’d definitely paint the sections, but I wouldn’t use pure white because it shows dirt too easily. Perhaps a nice light color or off-white?

God Bless,

Rick & Midge

Some good suggestions from the other NCI's. I have an electric paint sprayer you are welcome to. Bring your modules outside and you are done in no time. You can also tint the primer to the color you prefer.
If you get splinters while painting that is probably okay with us. Then when we come and see your masterpiece we will not get splinters. Getting splinters is one of the steps in getting an AP.

We'd love to have YOUR opinion! Type it in the comment box below!

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