Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping With Christmas Money!

I had some time this Sunday afternoon so I migrated over to the hobby shop.  It is fantastic to have one of the best hobby shops in the South only 4.2 miles away!  I'm so luck!  Today they were having their end of the year sale.  Iron Mike had put out tons of cars from a collection he had recently bought.   This little War Emergency gondola will make a nice addition at $7 less 25% discount.  One coupler needs replacing but the rest of it is like new.

I also bought a curved turnout, Walther's Code 83 #6.5 curved left hand.  I'll need more of these and luckily I ran in to Concrete Keith who said he had a bunch of code 83 turnouts that he wanted to liquidate.  Later today I'll send him a list.  Apparently he's moving to code 70.

Unrelated to the Dixie Central, I bought this book on freight cars as a handy reference as to what I should have on the layout in a certain time period.  Later tonight I'll start reading through it and see if I've made any mistakes on my rolling stock list.  But hey, there is ALWAYS an exception on a railroad!

Now, off to the basement!

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  1. This book on Freight Cars is excellent! For anyone planning a layout it is a great guide for making sure your rolling stock is in line with your era. I'll keep this next to my track planning library for sure!